Young shy boy seduced by uncle

After soaping up, I stood under the warm water for ages thinking about my first fuck. My cock was standing to attention, the caress of the water and the thoughts in my head more than enough to get me upright. I had my hands against the wall in front of me, just leaning against the tiles and lost in my thoughts and feelings. I wondered how much of what Uncle Jack really meant. Was he going to fuck me again? Was he going to make me his slave? Was he really going to let his friends fuck me until I passed out? It all seemed like a fantasy again, my physical distance from him making the sensations fade. I was nervous about what he said, but I had to admit that I wanted more. Something deep inside me had woken up and it wanted me to be a submissive sex object for a while.

The bathroom door opened and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I was about to turn off the water and get out, but he said “Stay where you are”. I turned my head to look at him. He was still nude and he was wiping my new blue briefs around his cock. At the sight of my underwear on his thick penis everything came back to me. Yes, I was his. Yes, he was going to fuck me again. Yes, I was going to be bred like no other nineteen year old had ever been bred before. It made my knees go weak.

Sir stepped into the shower cubicle behind me. He touched my back, running his hands over me. I got goosebumps instantly. He reached around and instructed me to open my mouth wide. He stuffed my underwear in my mouth then gently pushed up under my chin so that I closed my mouth around them. I could taste the sex. I whimpered again, the only noise I could make now.

Sir pulled my hips out and up, making me bend over under the flow of water. He told me to stick my bottom out. He spat and rubbed it around my hole before inserting a small rubber tube in my entrance. It went in easily, but my eyes went wide again when he unexpectedly squirted water up inside me. He removed the tube and told me to push the water out. We did this a few times until I was completely clean. I was embarrassed by the process, but even this basic cleaning process sent a hot fire of lust through my body.

Sir turned off the water. He took a large bottle of lube and started working it into my hole. It was methodical. Not sexy, just business.

“This is your pussy” he said. “From now on that’s how you think of it, how you talk about it, everything.” He said. His tone was matter-of-fact. He turned his attention to my balls and my penis. “This area is your clit. You don’t have a cock any longer. You’re not a man, you’re my personal sex toy and you have no gender. Don’t play with your clit unless I tell you it’s ok.”

I nodded. I couldn’t speak through the underwear stuffed in my mouth. Gayz .

“Good. You are only permitted to be hard when I want you hard. I want your focus on your pussy and what I am doing to that, not on how your clit feels. I’ll put your clit in a cage so that you’re not tempted. A cage will prevent you getting too distracted.”

Sir fondled my balls and stroked my cock for a few minutes. He ran his hands all over me, touching my skin and making me literally quiver with sexual excitement. My body was on fire.

“Now, here is your second dose. A quick one, as I want to get you dressed for later.” He said. I wasn’t sure what he meant until I felt his hard cock pushing at my entrance. There was no warning and the touching was the only foreplay I was going to get this time. Suddenly he was inside me and fucking me. It went in easier than before, but it still stung and was uncomfortable until I managed to relax properly and get used to it again.

My knees buckled, but he held me with strong arms and wouldn’t let me fall. I sorted out my footing and pushed my bottom back and that’s when he really fucked me. He was brutal, literally punching his cock into me with every single thrust. It was sore even with the copious amounts of lube and my guts felt like they were being rearranged by his large, hard, bulbous cock. XXXPREMIUMADS .

He quickly came, shoving into me even harder and spurting his juices inside me. He pulled out right away leaving me feeling empty and used. I sniffed and realised I had tears running down my face from the harsh fucking. Not that I didn’t want it. I did. Sir could hurt me if he wanted.

“Turn” he said, and I did. He pushed me down on my knees and shoved his cock in my face. “Suck it”.

I opened my mouth like a little bird and Sir took out the underwear and let it drop on the shower tray floor. I manoeuvred myself forward on my knees so that Sir’s now soft cock was in my mouth. It was clean, which I was thankful for, as I knew I would have to suck it whether it was dirty or not. It tasted of lube, but I closed my eyes and sucked the lube away. Sir’s cock started to get hard again as my tongue swirled around his head. Cum started to dribble from my hole.

“Now, take it deep. I want you to be able to take it right into your throat. To do that, you have to relax, take deep breaths through your nose, and maybe swallow a little. Your gag reflex is all in your head. Practice now.”

I took some deep breaths before moving my head forward while he just stood there, his cock twitching. It slid along my tongue getting ever closer to the back of my throat. I started to get that gagging feeling, but I swallowed it down and took some deep breaths through my nose. The feeling subsided and I tried hard to focus on something else. I felt the cock right on the back of my throat. I held it there for a few seconds before the gagging started again and this time I had to pull back.

“Again” he said.

I went through the same process three more times. Each time I held his cock at the back of my throat for longer, and I felt like it went deeper, but I was conscious that it was not going down my throat. I didn’t know how to do that and I was beginning to worry that Sir might get impatient or angry with me.

On my next attempt Sir took matters into his own hands. “I am going to show you” he said. I got to the point where he cock was at the back of my throat. Sir placed his hands on my head, and pulled me into him with enough force that I couldn’t resist. His cock slid down and I felt it go beyond my mouth and push deeper inside. I was shocked, and as I recovered from the shock I began to gag. Sir let go of my head so that I could pull away. I coughed up a load of spit and gunk and spat it into the shower tray.

“Again. Do it yourself this time. You have to force yourself to keep going.”

Through watering eyes, I started over. This time I forced myself onto his meaty pole. This was not the time to be gentle. I felt his cock slide into my throat and I held his hips for leverage as I swirled my tongue around. I took deep breaths and held myself as long as I could before I felt I needed to pull away and take a break.

“Good. The was much better. You’re learning quickly.” He said.

I smiled. I was proud of myself. We repeated the deep throating action several times before he told me was going to fuck my face. My heart rate went up at that, but in the end it wasn’t too bad. He placed his hands on the side of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth and fucked into me. Sometimes he went shallow, sometimes deep, and sometimes he slipped all the way down. I focused on breathing and staying relaxed and I got through without gagging.

Sir grunted loudly, pulled his cock back and jerked himself off. He told me to open wide again and he shot his third load of the day across my tongue and down my throat. It was salty, bitter, and hot. I swallowed and instinctively put my lips around his penis and sucked the remaining juice out of him. Premium Adult Seo .

As I finished, Sir turned the water back on. He pulled me to my feet, took the soap and washed me all over. He washed himself too. He rinsed us both off and dried himself and then me.

He led me by the hand back to my bedroom where he lay me down on my bed. He took some objects I hadn’t seen before from the dresser and started attaching them to my cock and balls while I lay back and allowed myself to be manhandled. First there was a ring that circled everything tightly, bunching up my cock and scrotum out in front of me. Eventually Sir fed my cock into a very tiny metal cage. He had to push down hard on the cage and pull at my skin so as not to catch it on the device. Something clicked, and Sir added a small padlock to secure everything in place. My penis was completely squashed and I couldn’t believe it had fit into this tine space. It felt uncomfortable.

“It will take some time to get used to that. Usually you’d start with a larger cage and work your way down in size. We don’t have the time and I don’t have the patience, so you’re wearing the smallest cage available. You should still be able to pee, but you will tell me if you have any problems.”

I looked down at everything bunched up together, my cock reduced to almost nothing in this device. I touched it and the sensation was new and odd, but I found it weirdly sexy and thrilling. “Yes, Sir” I said. “I am sure I’ll be fine.”

Sir smiled. “Good boy. Now, turn over, and get on your knees with your face down. I will need some time to get my breath back before I can fuck you again. Until then I will have you locked with a plug. It will keep your ring open for me and give you some experience of stretching you out.”

I flipped over on the bed, keeping my head and shoulders down and my ass pointed up in the air. It felt so naughty, and I got another thrill throughout my body as I presented my entrance to Sir.

“Now, there are two elements to a plug’s size” Sir said in an instructional tone. “There’s the bulb, which is the part that pushes into your rectum. This first plug has quite a small bulb. That’s because you’re inexperienced and tight and we don’t need a big bulb to keep the thing in place. The second element in the neck. A very small neck allows your anus to close up almost normally, while a neck with more girth will keep your anus spread open. The plug I am using is medium sized. It’s going to feel unusual having your ring forced open for a couple of hours. It will be something to get used to as I like my slaves to be plugged.”

“Yes, sir.” I said. In honesty I was ready. The idea of Sir pushing a toy into me and leaving it there was making me hot.

Sir applied some lube and started pushing the tip of the bulb against my anus. I pushed back, eager to be penetrated again. Sir’s free hand was gripping my hip and buttock and I loved it. His touch made me feel special, especially when he was pushing a plug into me with his other hand.

With some manoeuvring, pushing and twisting, the bulb of the plug was finally swallowed up by my anal muscles. As my anus started to close around the neck, I let out a long breath that I had been holding. This was another new feeling, something lodged in me that could move in or out, with a neck that was like having three fingers constantly inside me, keeping me open.

Sir stood up from the bed and handed me a tight, cropped t-shirt in a soft pink fabric.
“This is what you will wear around the house today. Nothing else. You will remain here in your room for the next two hours where you will rest and relax. You may not try to remove your cage and you are forbidden from even touching the plug. If I find you have disobeyed me, I have other less comfortable devices that will keep you in check. Do you understand?”

I nodded, red faced and horny. “Yes, Sir. I won’t let you down, Sir.”

Sir leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. He forced his tongue into my mouth and we slow kissed. It was wet and hot and he like to open his mouth very wide and explore my mouth with his tongue. As he pulled away from me he said “You are a very sexy little thing. In two hours when I return I will fuck you again. I want you to put together everything you have learned so far. While I am away please think about how you will approach this task.”

I looked up at Uncle Jack. I felt like his submissive little sex toy, with a cage and plug and the scent of his sex in my room. I loved it. He smiled at me and left, closing the door behind him.

I lay back on my bed, my anus throbbing in protest at the toy lodged in my ass. My cock ached too, having been squashing so roughly into this cage. Despite the discomfort I had never felt so sexy.

I was exhausted from this morning’s physical and emotional journey. I felt like I had suddenly grown up, my long-held virginity given away to the man I had crushed on for months in a fantasy come to life. Simultaneously I felt younger, smaller, like a kid whose destiny is controlled by an adult. It was comforting and soothing. With those thoughts in my head I drifted off to sleep.

I woke later from dreams of Uncle Jack pushing himself into me while he kissed me and held me. I moved on my bed and the constriction placed on my cock and the plug in my rear became immediately evident again. I longed to touch myself, or to play with the hilt of the butt plug to make it more comfortable, but I dare not. The frustration made me even hornier, if that was even possible, and I writhed instead.

My thoughts turned to the task Sir had set me. How to bring together my experiences and ensure he felt well fucked? I longed for him to take me, and then hold me in his arms and just cuddle with me. I wondered if he would do that if I performed well enough.

I flicked through metal images of every piece of porn I had seen. My balls ached at the thought and my caged cock twitched, unable to fulfil itself. I sifted through every fantasy too, driving myself crazy but maintaining the discipline that I had promised my new owner.

I finally had my thoughts in order and some sort of plan. It was at that moment that I heard Uncle Jack on the stairs. I admonished myself. Not Uncle Jack….. It was Sir. And it wasn’t my cock and anus, it was my clit and my pussy. I rolled my eyes and slid off my bed. I got on my knees, my head bowed.

The bedroom door opened and Sir entered. He closed the door and came to stand in front of me. Before he could speak I looked up with big eyes. He met my gaze and I could see his lust for me. That look spurred me on.

I reached up slowly, my eyes fixed on Sir’s face. I unfastened his belt, his jeans, and I pulled them down to his ankles and then completely off. I fondled and caressed his cock through his boxer shorts until he was hard, and then I pulled them down too.

I shuffled forward and rubbed my face around his hard, meaty cock. Eventually I let my gaze drop and I studied the manhood in front of me. It was probably average length for a full grown man, but it was thick, meaty, and veiny. It was a proper daddy cock, I thought to myself. I moaned very softly. I badly wanted it inside me again. I was horny to the point I felt light headed.

I opened my mouth wide and engulfed the head of his penis between my lips. I spent several long minutes licking, sucking, and drooling over the end quarter of it until I could clearly taste the sour saltiness of precum. I pushed my head forward, taking him deeper. I applied all of my learning and every fibre of self discipline that I could muster and I forced that big cock right to the back of my throat and beyond. I fucked him with my head, backwards and forwards, emulating the fucking he gave my mouth earlier but this time with me in control.

I touched his balls and played with them. As they began to get tight I slowly pulled away. I almost gagged, but I held it together. I looked up at him again, my big eyes now streaming with tears from the effort and the near-gagging that I had held in check. He flared his nostrils, his breaths deep and powerful.

I shuffled back and reached behind me. I touched the hilt of the butt plug and tried to look in a questioning way at Sir. He seemed to understand and he nodded. I grasped the end of the plug and tugged on it. It was going to be harder to remove than I thought. I closed my eyes and changed position slightly so that I could pull with my hand and push from inside at the same time. Gradually, over the space of maybe a whole minute, I managed to slide the bulb out of my bottom.

I held it up for Sir. I was relieved to see that it was clean except for traces of lube. I opened my mouth wide.

Again, Sir seemed to understand. He took the plug from me. He kissed the tip of it before slowly and gently placing the bulb in my mouth. He touched my cheek and I closed my mouth, sucking the plug like a dummy. Sir ran his hand through my hair, our eyes still locked together. I tore myself away, turned, and stood. I walked to my gaming chair and turned it to face me and I climbed on. I knelt on the seat, my bottom sticking out behind me as I held onto the back.

“Please” I said, but I didn’t need to. Sir was already there. He grasped my pert, pale buttocks and pulled me to the correct height. I arched my back for him. I wanted him to have the best access to my pussy.

I heard Sir spit into his hand and rub the saliva around his head of his meaty cock. I felt it as he lined up behind me, rubbing the head in my crack. It was so hard. Harder than before, and it seemed bigger too. I couldn’t believe he could be so ready to perform again so soon, but I wasn’t complaining.

Sir pushed his erect penis against my pussy entrance. It was still lubed from the plug and still hadn’t closed properly from being spread open for two hours. The result was that Sir’s cock head slid painlessly into me. It was like I had a real pussy. Tight and wet. I could feel every vein against the walls of my sphincter as he pushed through. My eyes rolled up into the back of my head. I was in heaven.

As Sir got half-way inside me, I pushed back. I pivoted on my knees and with my hips and I took over, fucking his cock with my pussy. He stopped moving and let me work. I went on like this for long minutes, pushing back hard and fast to impale myself, then slowly and delicately tensing my muscles as I pulled away again. I was hot now, sweating and panting, the effort and the sexual energy exhausting me.

Sir placed his hand on the small of my back. “I’ll take over from here” he said in a soft, quiet voice. He leaned over me and pushed and pushed and pushed as he kissed the back of my neck. Before long he was fucking me quickly, and biting my neck and ears. I was dizzy with excitement. His cock was touching me inside in a way that made me want to cum and I couldn’t get enough.

I realised that I was making sexual sounds now. “Ah – ah – oh – ah -ah -oh” in rhythm with his action. I adjusted my position just slightly so that he hit my p-spot every time. My breathing was becoming laboured and I had amazing feelings radiating from my pussy and clit.

Sir slowed down his thrusts and I sensed he was close to filling me up again. The slower action sent me over the edge. I felt something building that I was powerless to stop. It was confusing, but awesome. Suddenly I came. I wasn’t hard because of the cage, but cum flooded out of me anyway and drooled from my clit all over the seat of my chair. My pussy pulsated as my muscles spasmed which sent Sir over the edge too. He pushed deep inside me, so deep that I could scarcely believe it. My eyes went wide as he held himself there, his cock expanding inside me before it pumped wave after wave of his juices into me.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. I was taking cum in one end while it poured from the other. I squirmed. It was unbelievable. It just felt so good.

Sir exclaimed too as he gave one final push. “Ahhh!” His breathing was heavy now as he slumped over me, he cock still twitching inside my pussy.

I took control again. I shuffled forward on the chair so that Sir’s cock could slide out of me. Sir stood upright. I turned on the chair and sat in the pool of my cum. It felt cold against my hot pussy and I could feel his cum leaking from me to mix with my own. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked him clean while he roughly ran his hands over my hair.

When I was finished I took him by the hand. I climbed on my bed and looked up at him again, making my eyes as big and as sad as possible.

“Please” I said again.

Sir climbed onto the bed and slumped on his back, exhausted. I put my head on his chest and snuggled close into him. I could feel him breathing. I could feel his heartbeat, sostrong and powerful.

Sir placed an arm around my back and pulled me close. My heart skipped a beat.

We lay there and dozed off like two lovers. It was just incredible. My pussy was leaking his cum all over my sheets but I didn’t care. My caged cock was aching and covered in cum too, but I didn’t care about that either. I was enchanted by the rise and fall of Sir’s chest, his warmth, his arm draped over my nude body…..

This man could do whatever he wanted with me. I would treasure this moment forever.