My big blue eyes are still looking up at him

My big blue eyes are still looking up at him

I rub my eyes and lay back in my chair.

I yawn and look out the door. There is my assistant, making copies. Her outfits have gotten tighter every day. I can’t help but fantasize about her but I am her boss. I’ve never made a move but today she is looking so hot. She is wearing a tight black skirt with a white blouse. Her blouse buttons down and her breasts are peaking out. She has on a pair of black heels and they make her legs look amazing. As I am checking her out she notices me. “Shit” I think to myself. She is walking over. 

It’s nice to have alone time and our office building has a living room set up on the third floor so we can hang out there and watch TV next to the kitchen. I can make him tea and we’ll enjoy the odd snack from the vending machine. It’s not a gourmet restaurant, it’s not a night at the theatre, it’s not even a drink down the local Wetherspoon’s, but its time with him which is what I’m desperate for and I’ll take what I can get.

It’s finally Friday and I have worked 60 hours this week. I always stay late getting paper work done while everyone else goes home. It is almost 2 hours after I was supposed to go home, and I am still here. So is my amazing assistant. I hired her a couple months ago. She had an impressive resume but if I am going to be honest, she is so beautiful. I keep everything professional but her outfit for her interview was so tight.

It showed off every curve and her cleavage was out. She is tall with long legs and hair down to her back. She has a friendly smile and I couldn’t help but hire her. Since she has been working here, she stays late with me. Making sure everything is organized and finished. She is a great assistant.

“Knock knock” She says as she knocks on my door with her head peaking through.

“Hello! Staying late again?”

“You know me, I want to make your life as easy as possible.” She walks into my office and notices I am tired.

“Awe, you seem so tired.” She walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders and started rubbing them. “You need a vacation” she laughed.

“Yea I do. I haven’t had one in two years!”

“Two years? Wow, you must be exhausted” she started rubbing my shoulders harder and rubbing her hands down my chest. I am starting to feel more relaxed.

“Mmm that feels nice.” I said with my eyes closed falling deeper into my office chair.

“I admire you so much. I stay late because I really would love to move up in the company one day. I can learn a lot from you.” She kept rubbing my shoulders and chest.

“Oh, really? Well, I believe in you! Your work ethic is amazing.”

“Thank you” She said. close to my ear.

She started rubbing lower down my stomach. All of a sudden I felt her lips on my neck and she kissed me.

“Whoa!” I jumped up a little surprised. “I’m sorry, I am your boss. This is a little inappropriate”

“Oh come on, I see you checking me out every day.” She walked in front of me and sat down on my lap. While straddling me she starts kissing my neck and rubbing her hands through my hair.

My big blue eyes are still looking up at him and although I’m sure he knows I’m looking he won’t make eye contact with me. I fidget more, making it clearer I want his attention but still he gives me none. I glance down at his crotch, I can see he’s just as aroused as I am, not being able to control his cock like he does his eyes. My cunt is on fire under my skirt, desperate for his touch, desperate for that growing bulge in his trousers.

I run my hand slowly over his thigh smirking up at him and reaching for that hard cock that is starting to test the fabric of his smart, black work trousers. As I grab hold of his firm cock he lets out a small moan and slips slightly forward on the sofa, thrusting his cock further into my hand. I rub it enthusiastically, wanting it so hard that it aches as much as my cunt does.

“No, we really shouldn’t. This isn’t right.” But my dick was already getting hard through my pants. No matter how much I tell her no, I know I want it.

“If you don’t want to do this, then why do I feel your dick getting hard through your pants?” she said as she grabbed it firm in her hand.

“You’ve been teasing me with those outfits every day, haven’t you?” I asked her as I gripped her ass. She let out a moan.

“Mmm, so you’ve noticed?” She starting grinding her pussy on my boner. I can feel her pussy bone through my pants.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you since I hired you”

“I knew you were checking out my tits in the interview” She started kissing me hard and my dick got as hard as it could. It was throbbing through my fantezii pants and it needed to breath. I start undoing my belt buckle and she grabs my hands.

“I got that for you” She started slowly unbuttoning my shirt and moving down to my belt. She unbuckled it and whipped my dick out.

“Mmm, you’re a lot bigger then I thought you’d be”

She started sucking the tip of my dick, making it pulse. I am leaking precum already. I look down on her and see her beautiful eyes staring back up at me with half of my dick in her mouth. I look above her head and it hits me that we’re in the office. Dirty thoughts run through my mind as I think about bending her over my desk and fucking her hard.

I grab her head and push it all the way down onto escorte premium submisive  shaft. I feel her throat tighten on my cock and her eyes start to water. She takes it all like a good girl and comes back up. Spit runs down her mouth onto the floor. She spits on my dick and starts to stroke it with her hand. While she strokes my shaft she sucks the tip of my dick with tons of tongue. Her warm mouth feels so good. It’s so soft and warm and my dick fills her throat perfectly.

“That’s right, suck my cock” I said without thinking

“Mmm you like that?”

“Oh, I fucking love that. That’s how you get a promotion” She starts stroking and sucking harder. Every part of her hands and mouth have touched my dick. She licks the entire thing from the tip to the bottom of my shaft and then she moves down to my balls. She sticks both of them in her mouth as she jerks off my hard cock. I can feel my veins popping in her hands.

She is moving her tongue around my balls as she is sucking them. Her grip on my dick is hard and she squeezed my tip harder every time she moved her hand up my dick. I can feel my balls starting to swell and I am trying to hold in my cum. I grab her head and make her stop. She looks up at me with her hand on my dick and my balls in her mouth. She smiles and stands up.

She turns around and starts grinding her ass on my bare cock like a stripper. She starts to move her skirt up and her bare ass is showing through her tiny g string. I lean my face into her ass and start to take her tiny thong off with my teeth. As I slide them down to her knees I kiss her pussy from the back.

“Ooh my God, I wasn’t expecting that” she moaned as she leaned doggy on my desk. “Fuck your tongue feels amazing” I lick her entire pussy. From her clit to the inside of her tight little hole. I run my tongue in her lips and I feel her juices drip down my chin. She is getting so fucking wet, all I can think about is sliding my dick in her tight pussy. I move my tongue up her asshole and it puckered up on my tongue.

She let out a scream and begged for more. I eat her pussy like it is my last meal. It tastes so fucking sweet. I grab her my her hips, turn her around, and sit her on my desk. I open up her blouse and grab her tits out of her bra. I start sucking on her nipples and squeezing her tits.

“You want this fucking cock?” I said to her

“Yes, please. I need it. Give it to me.” Her pussy is dripping a puddle on my desk and it looks so inviting. I rub my hard tip on her clit.

“Beg for it.”

“Please, please. Quit playing around and give it to me”

“You a good little office slut?” I don’t know where this was coming from. It’s like I was a different man.

“I’m a good office slut. I’ll stay after work every night and fuck you” She moaned and grabbed my dick and shoved it in her pussy.

“Fuck!” She yelled out as she scratched my back. “Oh fuck, you feel so good. Fuck me hard!” She begged me. She wanted my cock so bad. Her pussy was pulsing on it and I felt it grip hard. Her walls of her pussy are so warm and soft. My cock started to throb as I slid every inch in and out of her. I start by sliding it in slow but she grabs my back and pulls me in. “Fuck me harder!” She yelled. I started shoving my dick harder and deeper in her pussy. Fucking her harder with every stroke. She was moaning so loud. She’s gripping and scratching my back. I feel her pussy getting wetter and it is starting to tighten around my big dick. “I’m going to cum!” She yelled out suddenly. “Keep fucking me hard like that! Make me cum! Make me cum!” I am slamming her pussy. I feel my balls slapping against her shy asshole. All of a sudden her legs start shaking, she screams, and her pussy starts to drip onto my desk. “Fuck I am cumming!” She yelled and grabbed me in close.

“Fuck yes, soak my fucking cock!” I blurted out. She squirted all over me and my office desk. She hops off of my desk and gets on her knees.

“Mmm ima taste all of my cum off of your cock” She grabs my throbbing dick and starts sucking it hard. She’s going crazy. Sucking it and stroking it fast. Looking up at me with eager eyes. I look back down at her and ask her, “Do you want my cum?”

“Yes, feed it to me, please! I’m so hungry for your cum! Feed it to me” Just as she said that she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. I jerked my cock over her face until I drained my balls in her mouth.

I take it deep. I enjoy long, slow sucks all the way from the bottom to the tip. I bend over further, completely aware my ass is in the air, my skirt rising up past my pants and he stretches his hand across my back and squeezes my ass hard. I moan, mouth full of cock. He slaps my ass and says ‘come on’, suggesting I sit up.

“Ahhh!” I yelled as she swallowed every drop and smiled. She got up from her knees, wiped her mouth, and grinned at me.

“Yum, that was delicious!”

“That was so amazing. That is exactly what I needed.” It really was. I don’t remember the last time I came that hard.

“I knew it was, and that is exactly what I needed too” She gave me a wink and kissed me on the cheek. “If you know what I mean” She giggled and walked out of the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow!” I yelled at her as she was leaving

“Yup see ya then!” she yelled back and closed the door behind her. Wow that was so crazy. I’m sitting in my chair trying to process what just happened. Then a light bulb went off in my head. Fuck, now I have to give her that promotion she wants! She used me.