Me and my incestuous family

My age is 21 I have a one sister her name is Ruxandra  .  Her age is 24 she is elder than me I never think I will fuck her 3 months of quarantaine lockdown of coronavirus but it happened the solvent when my mother and father went to marriage in our need to place it was a small village after that logon had started and they are they are stuck in in my negative place only now let’s go into the story my sister had a very big boobs an nice shape and also she was very lovely sister to me I never believe that she is still virgin at the age of 24 and never think that but after I fuck her I know that she was a virgin let’s begin the story .

Friends I have a crush on my sister some long long years ago boobs size 38d 30 32 . I never believe shapes was awesome to fuck that size of girl after that lock the man had started and first 2 weeks want normally after that the scene was started we are seeing TV I told to help change the channel she told another change the channel you also see this program only I told if you’re not changing the channel I will fight with you Shital all you have that much of guts come on fight with me I jump into her and catch the remote and taking from her she was run with the remote to her bedroom when she tried to close the door but I pushed the door and went inside taking the remote while I take remote she catch the remote very hardly . I told to have if you not give the remote .

I will do unnecessary things with with you I told she told what can you do 2 I never give the remote then . I suddenly catch her boobs with two hands and start pressing she was shocked gunshot what the hell are you doing talk please give me the remote she told she never give again.  I start pressing her boobs she was told please leave me and she shouting but . I told it is only starting please give me the remote then . I will to more than it I told she told whatever you do never give the remote to you Shital then I get a man and I told her t-shirt at what and what the hell are you doing she told I call this is I am doing to give Remo title again she not give and I told t-shirt totally she is run outside with the bra and shot her boobs wear shaking like the hell . Escorte premium femei .

I get the mote give the remote also never leave I tried to her with any cost thinking like that and after that. I went to the heart and I catch her again and remove her short she was not giving the remote then I tell her please give me the remote otherwise.  I will fuck you I told she was ok she was shot and she do the remote and get up and went to 2 room 2 went wear dress and she closed her room granite dress and succumb to the hall and sit beside me e should told you are a big idiot you do such a dirty things to your elder sister.  I just draw and cntv and after that day and over match today my sister was coming into my mind I want to fuck her any cost I was thinking and after that I ask her shall we do a nice and dirty thing should call what is that what you mean we should not do that such things because we are brother and sister it is the same we should not do but I do not know I did not have a new feeling like that tell us today but now . I have the feeling because your boobs bra and sheet idiot and close the door and after that early morning she get up I give the coffee to her she told tense but I told her no thanks shall we fuck today de She was shok getup and fun to bathroom can fresh up and come back after we had breakfast try to force her on pressing at boobs I was tried to ask you from me but I never leave her .

I pressing her boobs like there is no today and tomorrow I am pressing very hardly after few minutes my sister give up To me on the green signal was started removing her dress anything . I remove her dress and start pressing her boobs she was feeling the heaven on next . I remove her boobs ohms and starts shaking very hardly she was telling to it slow slow but I never listen her that friend I remove my clothes while removing my clothes my sisters seeing on my dick and she closed her mouth . I asked what happened told you have a such a big one and never see like this in the videos of so she told . I was shock and I ask her did anyone fuck you till now she told no one ever and I ask her you are so lucky your brother was fucking you She was smiled and close our eyes but I never imagine her boobs with very very big . I ask her why did you have such big boobs she told to never tell to anyone . I will tell the secret of my boobs . I ask her please tell me tell me she told till 5 guys press my boobs heavily . I was shock and ask you told me you are a virgin sweeter as . I am still a virgin but you are telling five guys or pressing your boobs Sheetal as only boobs never do anything . I asked who is that 5 lucky persons she told to me in my 10th standard my maths sir press my boobs 3 months very heavy and heavy Li and after that in my 12th standard my friend’s father press my boob and after that main college my boyfriend press my boobs and after that my College principal press my boob and finally from last one and half year our uncle was pressing boob and last 3 months dad also press press my boob and also she told me she will fuck MI me after coming from the marriage .

No I will getting the Champs.

I told I start seeking have boobs and your shouting and knowing your here . I come on come on to it yeah yeah yeah yeah come on come on very nice come on come on she was telling after that I never listen any word and I started doing very crazy and madly and seeking help boobs and after that she told please do it slow please do it slow please do it slow but I never listen and I remove black pant and she see my cock and she take it into her hand and she take it into her mouth was short but I do not say anything but she very nicely after that . I throw escorte Bucuresti on the bed and I start fucking very heavily she was crying and her eyes were full of tears she was trying it is very painful she told me you bloody fuck you leave me told but I never listen haven’t start working very heavy and she was crying crying it was raining please . I am begging you please leave me weather please give me . I will give you another chance to fuck me please please please give me and she was crying but I never listening words and fuck her with the help of an hour she was saying yes fuck me fuck me fuck me fucking very nice fast fast fast but I never want some good very fastly fastly her boobs while heating on her face and hand swelling on face and fucking and fucking and after that I change the pose and I fuck her in doggy style on after half an hour she take the time and she lied my call like a cowgirl style after that we enjoy sex the lockdown my sister in all places in my house after that 3 months in our very own clothes and we fought it is really true story friends is not a fake story please comment me I enjoy my sister 3 months after that my father come my father on my mother come to home after that my father also fuck my sister and after mice uncle also fuck my sister .