I felt liquids flow from my asshole dripping down the insides of my thighs

I felt liquids flow from my asshole dripping down the insides of my thighs

The first time was when I was just 18 years old, about a week after high school. I had long, red, curly hair – about an inch above my shoulders. I weighed about 170 lbs., and I was 6′ tall. I was a little hippie stud muffin that was into everything, and despite my perpetual horniness and perverse fantasies, my sex life was almost ordinary. I had a steady high school girlfriend to fuck and fuck we did.

In the Spring, the last days before the previous Easter break, my girlfriend had already left for a two-week vacation with her family. But, we had a high school theater cast party where I ended up fucking the choreographer agencies they hired — she was an older woman – all of twenty-one years old, and I felt like a stud. That was the last I saw of the choreographer but… after a week, I discovered that I had lice.

I only really found out when I was talking about itching my crotch to my best friend and he told me I probably got lice from that skanky choreographer. That was fucked! I learned that the quickest way to get rid of it was to shave my pubes!

I shaved all the pubic hair around my cock and balls and whatever little hair I had on my belly up to my sparse chest hair. When I was done, I was freaked out because, along with my apple cheek complexion where I was still only growing peach fuzz facial hair, I thought my naked pubes made me look like a little kid. What the fuck was I going to tell my girlfriend? I was so worried that I stripped for my buddy and showed him and… fuck him.

He laughed at me and agreed that I looked like a little kid. But he told me the only thing to do was to convince my girlfriend to shave her pubes because it was beautifully sexy. (Of course, when I asked him if he would convince his girl and maybe himself, he said fuck no! He wasn’t going to look like some queer kid.)

Well fuck it. I convinced my girlfriend – before we fucked – that shaving her pubes would make sex more fun, that it was a wild thing to do, and she did it! Which really was pretty damn sexy because she had this huge black bush that had always covered her cunt. And damn. She looked really fucking hot with a bare-naked pussy. And then – fucking was incredible. The sensations of our naked groins sliding around on each other, slick with her cunt juices and our sweat were out of this world.

And, I loved licking her bare cunt, making love to her whole crotch from her asshole to above the folds of her wet slit. She loved it too. We both started using her depilatory cream to keep ourselves smooth and bare. Before I left to go hitchhiking, we had great mini-orgy fuck with my girlfriend and my best friend’s girl where we both fucked lesbian each other’s girls. Afterwards, although everyone did agree that my shaved pubes made me look a lot younger (I believe my buddy said something like a twelve year old – fuck him), his girl also said that they should try it.

We all fucked again the next morning and then – I stuck out my thumb to – all gone to look for America. I was a hippie wanna be and I was a goin’ to Californ-I-Eh to tune in, turn on (and fuck).

Somewhere in Ohio, I got a ride from an old guy (50 or 60?… Ooold) in a pickup truck. I threw my backpack into the truck bed and climbed into the cab.

“Hey kid. Where’ya off to?” he inquired.

“California,” I replied.

“Heh,” he laughed, “I’m only going a few miles, but I can take you that far. Your mommy and daddy let a hot one like you out on the road?”

“Uhhh…. yeah,” I said, whatever…

I willing to go 5 miles or 500, as long as I was headed the right way. The cab of the pick-up truck was clean and empty. Except, that on the seat between us, there were several hard-core pornographic magazines. I casually glanced down at them and checked out the graphic covers.

“You wanna look at those?” said the old guy. “Your probably old enough to enjoy ‘em. Feel free.”

“Thanks,” I said, picking up one of the magazines.

It was a well thumbed through mag with very explicit shots of men and women fucking. There were big cocks pushing into naked cunts and spewing cum over eager faces. Dicks getting sucked by willing mouths and fucking cunts in front and behind. Cocks fucking assholes. Lots of cum. Lots of pussy. Lots of big boobs , fat cocks. I had been jerking off to pornographic novels, Penthouse and Playboy for years, but this was the first hard core porno magazine I had ever seen. This incredible erotic montage of lurid sex gave me a giant erection almost immediately.

I had pretty much stopped wearing underwear my senior year in high school because it made me feel sexy to not wear underwear and, because I had a fucking girlfriend, and, after shaving my pubes, I loved the feeling of my naked groin just inside my pants. The fact that sometimes my hard-on was obvious didn’t generally bother me. I was a little bit perverse that way, almost an exhibitionist. But now, my boner was threatening to rip a hole in my shorts.

“Damn. That make you hard?” probed the old guy, reaching over to my side of the truck, placing his hand on my crotch, and giving my stiff cock a squeeze.

Whoa! I thought. This is strange. Where is this going?

“Yeah, that’s nice, boy” he said, his hand still grasping and shaking my prick a little. “You want to show it to me?”

He glanced at me with pleasant expectation. My chest tightened. My cock was hard. His hand was massaging me, gently squeezing my prick and my balls. I was aroused…

“Ffwwww.” I blew out my breath. What the hell. I was a bit of a perverse exhibitionist… With my heart pounding, I slipped my shorts down and let my naked groin and erect cock jump free.

“Damn,” he said, reaching over again and stroking my shaft, “The little boy’s got a big dick…”

“Ohhhhh” I murmured, the feel of his callused hand on my penis turning me on.

“Nice,” he said as he ran his fist up and down my hard meat. “Now, you play with it,” he said removing his hand.

Then, he opened his own pants as I gently squeezed my throbbing tool. His cock was stiff when he took it out. It was about the same size as mine – 6 inches like jucării sexuale , but thicker around.

“Here’s where I get off,” he chuckled as he pulled onto an exit ramp off the highway.

It was a long ramp and halfway through, he pulled the truck over onto the grass, well off the shoulder.

“Let me have some of that,” he said after the truck was stopped.

And he leaned over to take my stiff manhood into his mouth.

“Ohh, ohh,” I moaned, not sure this was a good idea.

He sucked me deep into his mouth, managing to stimulate my cock head and my veined shaft while gently squeezing my naked balls.

“Godddd,” I gasped.

This was extraordinary. This old guy was slurping away on my boned organ like a professional cunt. He was fucking better than my girlfriend. This old guy could really suck cock! His head was bobbing up and down, licking, sucking, vacuuming my hard cock like he was competing in the Best Blow job finals.

“Ohh, ohh, oh, fuucckk,” I panted, feeling my tightness escorte gay & lesby grow and swell.

Jesus! This guy was unfucking believable. I could feel my cock head lodge in his throat, and he contracted his throat muscles, squeezing while his tongue lapped at my shaft buried in his silky, hot mouth. His head continued up and down, caressing, sucking, squeezing my hard tool over and over and over again.

“AHhh,hh,hhhh,” I cried, feeling like he was sucking up my sperm right from my balls when I blew, gushing into his willing mouth.

God! It was a fucking incredible orgasm! It was fucking better than fucking my fucking cute teen girlfriend! My whole body exploded into ecstasy as my prick pumped its jizz, shooting violently as the old guy eagerly drank my cum. He kept on going and going, sucking me dry and still kept on as I moaned and struggled…

“Nn-no,” I begged, “stop, please, I can’t take anymore,” as his mouth continued to piston my cock.

He finally stopped and, after giving my cock head a few licks, cleaning up the whatever semen had escaped his mouth, he rose up with a satisfied look on his face. His cock was still rock hard.

“Would you be interested in doing me?” he asked, rubbing his dick.

I nervously shook my head no, my body still coming down from this incredible orgasm. I didn’t want to suck this guy. I wasn’t a homo, and we were in the middle of the highway. And I’d just cum. And he was old…..

I put myself back together and got my backpack from the back of the truck.

“Uh, thanks,” I said through the open window.

He nodded, sort of half smiled, and drove off, his stiff manhood still poking out of his pants. Whew, I thought to myself. This hitchhiking can get a little weird. I couldn’t believe that this old guy could give me a blow job like that. That was amazing.

I got more rides after that and the next day and, almost every other ride seemed to want to get high with me and I ended up smoking both weed and hash… Far out… In the evening, somewhere in Colorado maybe, I got picked up by a younger man, somewhere in his twenties. He was driving an old beat-up sedan, and I knew as soon as I got in the car that this guy was somewhat wacked out. He talked a blue streak and all the time kept on checking out my body, my face, my crotch. And he looked like something out of the old movie “Reefer Madness.” He was that agitated.

After a while, he said, “This is where I get off”, pulled off the highway onto an isolated exit ramp, turned down the dark road and pulled onto the shoulder and stopped.

“Uhhhh… Okay. Thanks…” I started to say…

But then he reached over and grabbed my cock through my shorts! Fuck! I was shocked but… I immediately got hard. Fuck! I let him unzip my shorts right there, freeing my rigid tool. Fuck. I did not resist as he promptly bent over across the seats and took my stiff meat into his mouth. He began savagely sucking and slurping away on my meat as if he had been starving for young cock and I was his taste of deliverance. He grabbed me and pumped my penis in a mad frenzy of need.

“Yeah,” he said, “You’re fucking smooth, you fucking whore. You like me fucking you, don’t you. You like my mouth on your prick. Yeah. I can fuck you in the ass. Huh? huh? Come on your face. You’d like that. My hard cock up your asshole. Want me to fuck you in the ass? I could tie you up and fuck you in the ass until you squealed.”

All the while he was babbling, he was pulling on my pud, masturbating me, his mumbling mouth inches from my cock head. He would ferociously swallow my cock, gobbling up my pulsing hardness and then go back to talking about all the ways he’d like to violate my teenage body. And while he was really scaring me, I was also really turned on. I didn’t want him to do any these perverse things to me right then – it was too dangerous, but his rantings were getting me hotter and hotter at the thoughts of him stripping and raping me.

“Uuoohhhh Ohhhhh Yeahhhh, OH FUCK Yeah!!” I moaned as my butt arched off the seat and my monster cock began pumping out its hot cum into his fuck mouth!

“Yeah, yeah,” he gurgled, taking my spewing manhood deep into his throat, sucking the spewing gobs of cum from my prick.

“Oh, oh, oh, uh, oh, oh…” my hips fucked his fuck mouth as my mind went into ecstatic white light, orgasming over and over again…

He kept on sucking, vacuuming my penis dry, drinking my cum and writhing on the front seat of his car. I finally had to push his head off my cock, as he kept on licking and sucking. It was again too much!

“I can fuck you in the ass. You want me to fuck you in the ass?” he panted as I came down from my high.

“No,” I mumbled. “I can’t. I can’t… I never have… I’m sorry…”

“Okay,” he said. “This is where you get off.”

And that was all. He didn’t say another word as I got my stuff, and he took off. Didn’t say another word. He was bizarre. I got another ride that night and kept on going…

Late the next day, going down towards Nevada from Utah, I was picked up by a businessman – probably in his late thirties. Nice car, sharp dresser, suit, tie and what looked like a cashmere overcoat. After the normal “where are you going” questions, the now normal “you want to get high” question came.

“Sure,” I said, a little weirded out as he pulled out a fat joint.

It was weird because I figured this guy was a Mormon — he just looked the part and was also probably some kind of successful business executive. Plus, he then did not light the joint for himself, but gave it to me to smoke. Fuck yeah, I thought. Fuck weird. I lit the doobie up but, again, he refused when I tried to pass it to him.

He said “No — I’ve got to drive into the night, and it’ll put me to sleep. You smoke and we’ll talk to keep me awake. Okay?”

Damn. No problem, I thought. Very nice car… luxury leather seats? Driving down the highway smoking primo weed — all for fucking free! What a great life!

So, this guy’s name was Jerry. He, like most of my rides, was surprised when he found out that I was not as young as he thought. He told me he used to hitchhike when he was younger and we talked about that and my hitchhiking and my high school stuff and about different kinds of pot and whatever and, then he asked me about my ring. I bought my girlfriend and myself two identical rings a while ago. They were silver with a naked man and woman intertwined in an erotic embrace circling the ring.

To most people, it just looked like an abstract design unless they looked at it closely. He noticed it from the driver’s seat and asked to look at it. I had no problem with that and handed it to him to see up close. After examining the ring, he gave it back and the conversation turned to art, erotica, and human sensuality. I described fucking the choreographer; the lice; shaving my pubes; convincing my girl to shave; how it felt fucking; and even our little orgy send off.

I began spacing out on the combination of weed and talking about sex and my cock began to get hard… really hard… My dick tented my shorts while I was recounting my sexual adventures to Jerry and I unconsciously put my hand on it, grasping my excited cock through my shorts.

“Let me show you something, Greg” Jerry said.

As I watched in stoned bemusement, my hand squeezing my cock, he opened his coat, unbuttoned, and unzipped his pants and pulled out a hard, fat cock. I stared, open mouthed, as he slipped his pants and underwear down, exposing a massively thick, fat cock – and totally hairless pubes.

“What do you think?” he said with a smile.

He took one hand and pulled his proportionately huge naked balls up from between his legs and squeezed his oversized member. God it was thick. It wasn’t that long, but man, from where I sat, it looked huge. I stared open mouthed while I kneaded my own jumping cock…

“N-nice,” I stuttered, strangely turned on by viewing his huge cock.

“I had it shaved because I had a hemorrhoid operation. Let’s see yours,” he said.

Oh yeah I thought… Fuck; this is what I do… I opened my shorts, exposing my hard, six-inch naked meat.

“Nice,” he echoed and grasped my shaft, rubbing some of the already oozing pre-cum on my pulsing head.

“Ooooooooh,” I sighed as I moved a little closer to him and let him play with my turgid flesh.

I had this routine down by now. Eventually, he was going to pull over and suck my throbbing cock… Hitchhiking was so great! He ran his hand over my shaved pubic area, grasping my balls and shoving his fingers down between my thighs and pushing on the sensitive area between my balls and asshole. Fuuuuucckkk… That felt soo fucking good.

“Have you ever been fucked by a guy,” asked Jerry, as he stroked my hot meat.

“No,” I breathed out, practically moaning with pleasure at his strong touch. “It sounds unsanitary…”

Yeah. I really said that. Because that’s what came out of my mouth.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and shorts and let me play with your cock while I drive,” said Jerry.

I was so high and so hard that I simply did what he wanted and quickly stripped naked in the front seat for him. His hand felt so fucking good on my aroused flesh.

“Wow,” he said, moving his hand up from my cock to my hairless chest and nipples. “You’re a very sexy kid. Hard to believe you’re 18.”

I moaned with pleasure and pride. Not even my girlfriend had ever called me sexy. This was so hot. Jerry pinched one of my tit nipples, causing me to gasp. Fuck! When he let go, he switched to the other and pinched it hard.

“FUCK!” I cried my naked ass rising off the seat as my hard gayz cock fucked the air. Then Jerry let go and rubbed his hand over both burning nipples.

“Ooohhhhh Jesus” I moaned at the burning pleasure pain, my body spasming off the seat, feeling like my whole flesh was on fire.

“Oh shit.” Said Jerry. “People can see you.”

He grabbed my hair and pushed my face down to his hard cock. In my stoned erotic state, I hadn’t even thought about the other cars on the highway being able to see my naked boy body in the front seat. And now my eyes were looking at his huge member, which was glistening with his pre-cum. I could actually see it dripping from his cockhead, wetting his entire dick…

“Lick it” said Jerry.

Fuck. Lick another guy’s cock? I stared at his hard, wet, pulsing meat… Fuck. I moaned, my inner pervert said Do It and, I and stuck out my tongue to taste my first fuck liquids from his huge piece of man meat.

“Oooohhhhh” I breathed on his fat member as my tongue lapped up his precum from his hard shaft….

Fuck… I was erotically stoned high out of my gourd; naked on this guy’s front seat; my raging hard on was jumping and wet with my own precum; my sensitive nipples were hot and aroused; and, although I had never even considered tasting another guy’s cock, I had read lots of porn novels, including ones where some young boy was forced to give a blow job, wrapping his young lips around the man demanding he take his man cock into his mouth; forcing his prick into the boy’s virgin fuck mouth; making him suck his turgid flesh…

“Yeah,” said Jerry from above. “Why don’t you suck on it now, you little bitch.”

Fuck. Hearing Jerry call me a little bitch sent a jolt of carnal fear through my naked body. What the… He called me his bitch… He moved my head, wetting my face and tongue with his copious precum, up to the massive glans of his cock and pressed it against my lips.

“Ohhhhh….” I moaned, my tongue still out.

And just like that the mushroom head of his cock pushed its way past my lips and teeth.

“Uh oh uh oh uhhhh.” I was panting as I tried to take in his massive fuck tool into my mouth.

It was so wet and so hot.

“Make sure you cover your teeth” Jerry said as he pushed his cock into my oral cavity, forcing my head with his hand, “You know, I’m not gay, but I’ve always wanted to fuck another straight guy in the ass.”

I trembled as I thought of him fucking me with the fat log that was being forced into my comparatively small mouth. But my dick was pulsing with lust and I stretched my jaw to take more of his immense meat into my boyish mouth.

“That’s good,” said Jerry, “Use your tongue and suck me bitch.”

He eased the pressure from my head and lifted my face off his fat schlong.

“Yess… Uh.. uhh… uhh..,” I panted.

He pushed my head back down onto his meat and I tried to suck him, my jaw expanding he controlled me by my hair, pushing and pulling my mouth up and down on his obese cock. My naked body squirmed on the front seat, my shuddering meat rubbing against the leather seats. I was so turned on. I was lying there, bare ass naked, another man’s bald cock fucking my mouth, while driving down the interstate.

My pulsating cock sent thrills of degraded raunch through me. I thought that I had to get my girlfriend to do this to me… While Jerry was pumping my mouth, stretching my lips with his thick man flesh, I imagined my girlfriend, her olive-skinned body naked on the front seat while giving a blow job to the driver and getting fucked from the other side.

I panted and drooled on Jerry’s genitals as I got up and knelt on the seat, my naked ass in the air. Jerry let go of my head and his hand snaked over my backside, down my ass crack and I felt his finger press against my anus. Fuck! That felt great! As he rubbed the tip of a finger over my asshole, pressing on it, stimulating it just slightly. I moaned with pleasure as I bobbed up and down on the fat cock in my mouth. Unbelievable sensations were shooting through my naked form. I was so turned on.

Every time, I would come up for air off Jerry’s cock, he would gently press my head down again. And then his finger, now wet with spit, would go back to playing with my asshole until he finally wormed one knuckle inside.

“OOOoooooo” I moaned again, sucking his meat harder until it finally hit the back of my mouth and throat as I reveled in this new ass sensation, trying to fuck his little finger in my hole.

We kept this up, his finger fucking my ass and my mouth sucking his cock, alternatively choking me and then I would come off and go back down again, moaning and trying to please him while he called me his bitch and fuck boy… I was lost in a world of insensate lust. This was so new and so perverse, to be a homo for this man…

And I was so fucking high. It was like the pot was an aphrodisiac which made my whole body a sensual kaleidoscope of lust. There was a tiny corner of my drug soaked brain that was reluctant to be a faggot but it was totally overwhelmed by the carnal sensations that electrified my whole body as it was writhing on the front seat of his car; his naked legs; his bald fat cock; and this new sensation in my virgin ass bud….

Time went by with me sucking him with a passionate fire as he fingered fucked my asshole, until I felt the car slow down and make some turns. He had two fingers in my burning asshole by the time the car stopped. He pulled his fingers from my ass and pushed me off his lap as he opened his door.

“Let’s get out of the car where we have a little more space,” he said as he beckoned me to come out of the car on the driver’s side.

I woozily crawled across the seat as he gave me a hand and I stood up outside the car. Shit. I was stark naked, my own raging erection slick with my precum, trembling in sexual passion, my eyes glazed, my breath coming in ragged pants, as I looked around. We were parked next to some woods at something like a picnic area at a highway rest stop. It was barely light enough to see the bathroom building across the parking lot and some other cars parked along this same isolated area with the clikz big rigs at the way end of the huge lot.

Jerry opened the back seat driver’s side door and told me to bend over onto the seat. I did as he asked and felt his hand again at my virgin asshole, coating it with his spit, working his fingers back in as I moaned in pleasure.

“Unnn.. Uhhhh.. Please…” I moaned even as my ass was fucking his hand, “You, you, can’t fuck me Jerry… Please… I, I, AAAHhhhh” I cried out as he wormed his fingers deeper into my boy hole…

Oh fuck. It felt so fucking fucked…

“That’s okay boy” said Jerry as his hand fucked my ass. “I’m just going to put my cock between your legs and I want you to squeeze them together — okay?”

“Oh yeah, yeah, ohhhhh” I panted as he fucked my asshole harder with his fingers and shoved his hard fat cock between my legs.

My own cock was rubbing against the leather seat. I started humping the seat and driving Jerry’s fingers deeper into my ass in an incredible feeling of pleasure. He pulled out his finger again and I felt a fat glob of spit on my naked asshole. Then felt him wiggle three spit coated fingers into my ass.

“OOOOOhhhhh Fuck!” I cried as I pushed back against his invading hand.

Jerry’s cock was fucking right underneath my balls between my legs, muncitori asia still soaked with his precum, wetting my ass crack as he slid his member up my ass to my asshole and all the way down to my balls again.

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkk”, I moaned at the unbelievable sensations while he continued to fuck my hole with his fingers, pulling them out when his cock head pressed against my asshole and pushing them back in as his cock slid down my oiled crack. I was fucking losing my mind… He kept this up over and over and over again, worming his fingers deeper into my asshole, stretching my virgin hole, sliding his pole up, and pressing it against the same hole. I pressed back against him, fucking my own ass with his fingers.

“AAAAhhhh Fuck!” its like a new world order … I cried as he twisted his fingers deeper into my back hole.

“OH. OH. No. Please. Ah.. ah.. ah… OOohhhhh…” I moaned and begged as it felt like he was driving his hand into my ass with the full length of his fingers inside me!

“Ooooohhhhhh… god… uh… toomuch… please…” My asshole was on fire as he slid his fingers out and then swiveled them back inside me.

The combination of his immensely fat cock smashing against my balls and cock between my legs and this new fuck sensation from my ass started me humping the seat and his hand again. The burning pain in my asshole began to feel amazing, as painful as it was and I kept on fucking his hand back again with my hips.

“Uhhhh… ohhh… yeah.. uhhhh.. uhhh… ohhh yeah… uhhh… uhh….” I moaned as I rubbed my wet cock on his leather seats, fucking the upholstery, wanting to cum… I was so fucking turned on…

“Oh yeah… fuck me… oh fuck yeah…” I moaned, fucking his invading hand with my ass.

Then, on the upstroke again of his cock, again removing his fingers and pressing his fat cock head against my wet asshole, I felt him spread the globes of my ass with his hands while his cock pushed against my anus. Now, he pressed into me, now stretching my shit hole again with the huge head of his cock.

“Ohhhhhh Fuuuuucknnnn, Noooooo” I cried as I felt him penetrate my virgin boy hole!

In spite of his fingers and the wet combination of spit and precum, his cock felt huge and it hurt as he pushed his bulbous cock head into me.

“NOOOO!” I howled.

“Yousaidyouwouldn’ AAAAIIIIIEEEEEE” I screamed as he shoved through my anal sphincter with one thrust, plunging his huge cock meat into my bowels.

“NO! FUCK! NO!” I cried, struggling under his weight, against his arms that were pulling me towards him.

But, my struggling only sent his cock deeper into my burning hole. I could feel the massive pain as he forced his way in, his thick monster stretching my shitter unbearably.

“Nooo, pleeeeease,” I cried, “It’s too big… I can’t… Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

I squealed again as he shoved his meat into me, hard, burning a painful fire in my ass.

“Ohhhuh, ohhuh pleas, no, uuhh, noo, uhhhhhhhhhhh…” I groaned, helpless to stop him from raping my young fuck hole.

Then Jerry reached around my naked body, each hand grabbing a nipple and his pulled his body onto mine with my chest tits and began fucking me hard! His flaming fuck meat started banging in and out of my ass while he pinched my nipples unbearably. I couldn’t stop him, and I whimpered in abused pain. I felt like his cock was expanding in my asshole, scorching it with its heat, smashing through my intestines into my stomach. Every thrust elicited another guttural scream from my throat.

“OOOOhhh, UUHOOhhh,” I lurched and groaned as he fucked me and forced my ass to accommodate his thick pole.

My burning ass lips were being pulled in and out as he hammered his hard sausage into my sodomized ass canal. He thrust every inch of his fat fuck pole into my asshole until his hips pressed hard against my ass cheeks and his large fat balls slapped into mine. I was drowning in painful erotic fire as he stopped, his immense cock fully inside me and he whispered in my ear… “Just take it fuck boy like on onlyfans . You were made to be a man’s bitch. Just feel how right it is for a real man to fuck you like a girl…”

“Ooohhhhh…” I moaned, in burning pain but still deliriously turned on, high, as my rapist’s fat tool pulsed in my broken asshole…

Oh God, he was right. He was so right… I wanted nothing more than to be his bitch and have him use me for his pleasure. My hot boy hole clutched around his hard prick, and it felt like my rectum was a fiery pleasure canal.

“Yessss…” I moaned again. “Ohhhh Fuck…. Fuck…”

Jerry started up again and erotic pleasured/pain vibrated in my burning ass as he slammed his cock into my bowels, faster and faster, burying his pulsing meat in my backside. His titanic member slid in and out of my flaming asshole, still only barely lubricated by his clikz precum and my hot ass juices.

“Uuuuooohhhhhhhh AAAHHHH,” I moaned in insensate lust as I felt the incredible fire of this ass fucking.

It was wonderful. Now I tried to clenched my fucked anal ring around his pounding manhood as my ripped open ass sent wild signals to my own steel hard cock.

“Uh!… Uh! Uh! UH! UH! UHhhh!” I grunted as he continued to hammer me with his massive, rock-hard dick, his balls smacking against me.

The lewd sensuality had my whole body quivering, moaning, crying, and groaning with inflamed desire. Nothing else mattered except his hard cock slamming into me, using my overheated nude figure as a fuck thing. The inside of my shit hole was on fire with pain pleasure sensations as I gasped and panted. Then Jerry stopped again. He reached around and grabbed my boy tits and said: “Stand up.”

With his huge cock still firmly lodged in my young asshole, he stood me up and turned me around. Fuck! There were several men standing around, their hard cocks hanging out and stroking — they had been watching me get fucked! Now, with Jerry behind me, still embedded in my ass in the most delicious submissive pain I had ever felt, my naked body and hard dripping cock were on display to the men in front of me.

“AHHHhhhhh” I cried out as Jerry again squeezed my nipples hard, his arms around my naked torso trapping my own arms as I struggled and thrust my bald shaved cock towards the fitness watching men.

One man quickly walked up, knelt down and took my cock into his mouth, sucking on it with expertise.

“Ahhhhhh,” I cried out against as Jerry released my nipples, grabbed my naked hips and began fucking me hard again, against the man’s face sucking me.

“Yeah… Suck him” demanded Jerry, driving his meat into me, “I want him to cum.”

The man put his hand around the root of my dripping organ and furiously began masturbating it while licking and sucking it, driving me insane with lust. Jerry kept fucking me, ripping my asshole apart with his huge schlong as I came to party , shooting my wad into the guy’s mouth, falling forward on him and screaming as my cock; my ass; and my head, exploded in the most mind blowing orgasm I ever had.

“AHHHAHH! Ahuhm, uhm, uhuhuh,” I cried, as my ass convulsed around Jerry’s massive member.

Then I felt Jerry’s molten sperm flood my bowels. He fucked and came, my destroyed asshole clutching at him. I felt his fat log pump out its load, inundating my ass with his zoxy cum. I jerked back up and then down again, my cock shooting cum; Jerry’s cock still filling me up, inundating my ass. My mind was gone. Everything was orgiastic sensation; my own cock painfully overused as the guy kept on sucking; Jerry’s member still searing my once virgin ass…

“Alright” said Jerry to the cocksucker, “Give someone else a chance.”

The man pulled off my cock and Jerry pulled his phallus out of my quivering mind blown body. He turned me around again, pushed my down towards his cock and I heard him say, “Anyone for sloppy seconds?”

And, “Clean my cock faggot” to me…

“Whaaaa?” I was out of my mind, and I didn’t understand.

“Lick up your cum, fuck boy. Clean off my cock.” Said Jerry.

“Uhhhh…. No. I can’t…” I protested.

I was fucking spent; exhausted; and his huge tool had been in my ass.

“AAAHHH Fuck!” I cried out as some other man behind me now, just fucked his hard meat into my open cum slicked ass.

“Ahh, hhhh… ohhhh…” I almost sobbed as I felt myself being fucked again.

“Lick It Up” said Jerry, pushing my face down into his softening cock, slick with his cum and my ass juices.

“Ohhh… ohhh… oh…. Okay…” I panted and thrust out my tongue to lick all the combined fuck juices from his cock.

Although I had been practically crying just a moment before, my mind once more spun off into degrading tuning scenarios as I felt my cock getting hard again, my burning asshole being hard fucked again; my boy whore tongue eagerly licking up the juices off Jerry’s cock.

“OOoohhhhhh,” I moaned and clenched my asshole again as the man behind me deposited another round of sperm into my once unused fuck hole.

All the while I was making love to Jerry’s cock, licking up every drop of cum and my ass off his sagging shaft and pendulous balls. Jerry lifted me off his cock and pushed me back down onto his teratube open backseat, my newly opened asshole dripping semen down my legs.

“Any more takers” asked Jerry, smacking my boyish ass again.

Again, another hard cock fucked me, my own throbbing prick once more rubbing against Jerry’s leather seats. I continued to moan and fuck my ass against the man fucking me until he too came…

He pulled out and then I heard Jerry say, “You want to join us for a beer?”

What the fuck? I thought. I struggled to stand up, pulling myself upright on the door and looked towards Jerry who was opening the trunk of his car. There was just one guy standing there now, his cock out of his pants and he was holding it. It was dark but, from what I could see, the guy looked like a totally normal nebbish, a little chunky, glasses, probably over 35…

I don’t know. I farted and felt liquids flow from my asshole dripping down the insides of my thighs. Jerry, still naked from the waist down, pulled out three cold beers from what had to be a cooler in the trunk and handed one to the guy who had been watching us and then walked over to me and handed me a beer. The other guy laughed and took his hand off his cock, which he left hanging out, and twisted open the beer bottle. I immediately opened mine and guzzled it down, the cold soothing my bruised throat and quenching my raging thirst.

Jerry opened his and poured some of it on his flaccid but still thick startube cock and rubbed it with his hand, letting the beer clean off my fuck mouth and whatever fuck fluids were left from my ass. As he drank his own beer, Jerry walked back and got me another one.

“Would you like this fuckboy bitch to wash off your cock with beer?” asked Jerry to the man standing there.

The man pushed me back to my knees as I opened my mouth, filled it with beer, and then took his hard tool into my frizy beer filled mouth.

“Mmmmmmmooohh” I murmured, drinking the beer around his cock…

I licked the base of his root at his balls and cleaned them with beer too, tasting his man flesh.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” I moaned, my cock twitching as I ministered to this new fucker’s throbbing penis.

The fiery pain in my ass was still there and I felt more liquids drip from my hole but I just got lost in this sensual overload of worshiping another cock. Plus, being just a submissive faggot bitch made me even harder. I sucked his cock thoroughly, now making love to it, licking and sucking it, taking sips of my beer the whole time until it was gone. Suddenly, he flooded my mouth with sperm. I sucked and licked and reveled in his hot cum until he pushed my maxtube head away.

“That’s good bitch,” Jerry said. “Now close your eyes and open your mouth and drink some more….”

I turned to him, still kneeling, closing my eyes… until a hard stream of his hot piss shot into my mouth!

“SHIT!” I cried, opening my eyes, closing my mouth, and turning my head.

But at the same time, I inhaled and swallowed some piss and it splashed in my eyes.

“Fuck. Stop!” I begged, keeping my face away from his piss fountain as he continued drenching my hair and body.

“Face me and open your mouth fuckboy.” Jerry demanded.

Fuck. I was still achingly hard and fuck… I did what he told me and started drinking his waste. He was relentless, and his stream was strong and steady as he then soaked my face and peed down my body to my hard cock, sticking out from my groin.

“AAhhhhhh…” I swayed with erotic pleasure now, again totally mind fucked.

“Oooohhhhh” I felt the other guy pissing on my back… and I shook my long hair, as became drenched with these men’s piss. I bowed my head in submission, my pulsing cock showing how much I enjoyed being peed on… Jerry laughed and turned me towards a new cock which I took into my mouth. Hot pee gushed into my cunt mouth and I tried to drink it all down, now a slave to being a faggot urinal dump. Once the guy finished peeing, he left his cock in my mouth, pulling me to him as it grew hard.

“MMMmmmmm,” I breathed mega seo marketing and started sucking it deep into my mouth, now caressing his shaft and balls.

I pushed down his pants and underwear so I could grab the globes of his fat ass and draw him in to where his cock head touched my already bruised throat.

“Mmmmmmm….” I gurgled around this new cock, savoring being just a fuck boy for whoever wanted to use me.

My hungry lips sucked and pulled ravenously on this lust-swollen prick, and I rubbed the sensitive underside of his throbbing fucker.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” I moaned again in ecstasy.

The man began to moan and face fuck me with the juicy thickness of his cock, as I mewled around its length, my own cock again throbbing and dripping out precum. All too soon, the man grabbed my head and thrust his cock into my throat, as deep as it would go and as my nose was pressed into his pubic hairs, he let loose his hot cum, spewing another load into my young mouth and throat.

“MMmghhh… ghhhh… mmmggghhh….” I gagged, swallowing his jiz, working his pulsating cock and enjoying every second of it…

Jesus, this was hot. I finally let loose his hardness and sat back on my naked heels again. My asshole felt hot and mushy and wet. I looked up at my mouth fucker and licked my lips and sighed… I was such a fuck boy. Jerry was dressed by the time we were done and as I sat there, naked, in stupefied satisfaction, stroking my own hard on.

Jerry said: “I’m only going about ten more miles down the highway. Maybe one of you guys is going further?”

I looked up and saw that there were two new guys now standing there with their cocks hanging out…

“I’m on my way to California,” said one of them.

“Well,” said Jerry, smiling at xxx ads my naked piss drenched form and talking to the guy, You want to take this bitch to California?”

“Fuck yeah,” he said, “If he wants to go with me…”

The other guy asked, “Can I fuck him first?”

I got up and bent over, offering my used cum filled asshole to this stranger.

While he was fucking me, Jerry took my stuff out of his car and drove away….