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Mrs. Kirk backed up, staying six feet away, and pointed to a closed door off to the right of the living room. Tara reluctantly entered and went to Selwyn’s bedroom, knocking on that door while Mrs. Kirk waited impatiently for her to leave, still holding the front door open.

“Hey, Tara,” Selwyn said in surprise as he cracked open his door. “What are you doing here?”

She held up the laptop. “Andrea asked me to drop this off.”

“She is so technically naïve. I don’t need it. All my stuff is on the cloud. I can use my tower and tablet just fine. But thanks anyway. I do appreciate it.”

Scowling at the wasted trip, Tara turned to go, just as Mr. Kirk came in through the open front door. “Bad news,” he announced. “Two people at work tested positive for this fucking virus. By law, we have to stay in the house for the next two weeks. And who is this young lady?”

“I’m Tara. Don’t worry. I was just leaving.”

“No,” he corrected, shaking his head regretfully. “You’re not. I might have brought this virus here today. Or yesterday. Or the day before. You may have already have picked it up. This house, and everybody in it, are now under quarantine.”

“I can’t stay. I have responsibilities.”

“Yes, you do. We all have responsibilities. To our community and our state.” Mr. Kirk closed the door and locked it, removing the key from the deadbolt and putting it in his pocket. “In this house, we respect the law.”

“It’s no use arguing,” Selwyn told her.

“I am sorry,” Mr. Kirk explained. “This will not be comfortable for any of us. It is a small house, and Lucille and I are in the high-risk group. As best we can, we will have to stay away from the two of you. Though I disapprove of such arrangements in general, you and Selwyn will have to stay in his bedroom while Lucy and I remain in our own. We should consider the living room and kitchen off limits. We will order ready-to-eat meals to be delivered from the grocery store and participating restaurants.”

Too stunned to respond, Tara allowed Selwyn to lead her into the bedroom, where things continued to get worse. “The good news,” Selwyn said, “is that the grand-folks like the bedroom with the morning sun, which means we have the master bedroom with its own bathroom.”

Tara glanced at the restroom and immediately guessed the rest of his speech. Selwyn saw the direction of her eyes and nodded. “The bad news is that the bathroom door was removed five years ago.”

Looking around the rest of the bedroom, she said, “So, the two of us are to be trapped in this tiny bedroom with absolutely no privacy. We can’t even wash our clothes and I didn’t bring any extras.”

“What’s in your backpack?” Selwyn asked. “Books?”

“Computer stuff,” she replied, then went white with horror, remembering her plans for that computer stuff.

“Sit down,” Selwyn ordered her, alarmed at her expression. “Are you okay?”

“No. Not at all. This is so humiliating.”

“I can turn my back when you’re in the bathroom.”

“I don’t think it matters,” Tara said in dismay.

“Are you thinking about the sleeping arrangements?” He looked around at the tiny bedroom. Not a lot of floor space. “We can share the bed without anything happening,” he promised.

Tara looked at the bed. It was a small bed in a small room. They’d have to cuddle pretty close together. But there were more pressing problems than where she’d sleep.

Selwyn shrugged. “I’m hungry. Pizza okay?” he asked her. She only nodded, a disgruntled expression on her face. He got on his phone and ordered.

Tara paced the room, exploring its corners, clearly frustrated at being imprisoned here. She checked her own phone for the time. There were almost two hours left, but she would be here for two weeks. If she missed this appointment, she’d give up a lucrative income. People would give up on her if she wasn’t dependable.

When the pizza arrived, the Kirks went into their bedroom. Selwyn put on a facemask and hygienic gloves, then went out into the living room to retrieve it. His grandparents would order their own food when they got hungry. Tara knew that she should probably pay for her share of the meals, but that meant she needed money. She had to keep her appointment.

The pizza was good, pepperoni and sausage, but the heavy garlic in the sauce reminded her that she didn’t have a toothbrush or mouthwash here. She would need to have some supplies delivered. Which meant, again, that she needed money. She couldn’t afford to blow off her schedule.

After three slices, and a can of cola, Tara checked the time. Only thirty minutes left before she destroyed her reputation in the school xjobs . There was little chance of keeping her secret after today. If Selwyn was an honorable person, willing to protect her privacy, he would also feel obligated to inform his girlfriend. Andrea would certainly not appreciate the situation. She might just be angry enough to humiliate Tara on Facebook. If Selwyn were not an honorable person, her secrets would be out anyway.

“You’re thinking pretty hard about something,” Selwyn said. “Anything I can help you with?”

She turned away from him, blushing furiously as she picked up her backpack and unpacked it, removing her own laptop of her own, and a tangle of wires and equipment. “I need to set this stuff up. Can I use that desk?”

“Go for it,” Selwyn agreed. “Just push that other junk out of the way. What’s up?”

Tara had no choice but to tell him. “I’m a webcam model,” she admitted. “I sit in front of my camera and guys pay me to take off my clothes and talk dirty.”

“Why do you carry the stuff around in your backpack?”

“Guys love risky voyeur shows,” Tara explained. “I go to the campus library or a café. With the lockdown, I thought I could do an outdoor show out by the fountain on the main campus. There’s nobody around. It would have been perfect.”

“And now you expect to do this here? In my grandparents’ house?”

“It isn’t my choice to be here!” Tara snapped. “And I don’t have any choice in putting on my show either. I made a promise to my fans and I need the money.”

“You have fans? You mean sleazy guys in basements waiting to jerk off?”

“Maybe. I don’t really know. They can see me, but I don’t see them. But I could never afford to go to this university if not for those sleazy guys.”

“So, you’re just gonna do this in front of me?” Selwyn asked.

“I have no choice. If you don’t get in my way, you get a free show. Maybe you shouldn’t tell Andrea, though.”

Selwyn thought about the free show and decided that it was foolish to argue. “Where should I sit?”

“This room is tiny. I’m gonna need the bed. You sit under the desk. You’ll have a perfect view, but you won’t be in the shot.”

Tara hooked up all her equipment and set up her hot spot, then pulled a variety of sex toys from her backpack. She normally cleaned them before and after using them, but she figured they should be okay. Her backpack was fairly clean.

“I don’t have any lingerie,” she complained. “Usually, I have things to take off and put back on, depending on how much the people are tipping.”

Selwyn shook his head. “Sorry. I don’t wear a lot of lingerie.”

Tara smiled for the first time since getting quarantined. “No, I didn’t really expect you to. Maybe you have a t-shirt I could borrow?”

He got up and went to his dresser. He had a perfect shirt for her. “This one came from a strip club,” he said. “It has a drawing of a naked woman printed on it. Will that do?”

“That would be great. Do you go to a lot of strip clubs?”

“Yes and no.”

“Explain,” Tara said, quickly stripping out of her own shirt and jeans and donning the overlarge man-sized t-shirt over her panties and bra.

“No, I don’t go to a lot of strip clubs, but Yes, I go to one strip club a lot.”

“Well, you’re about to have the best seat in the house for this one.”

It was almost time. Tara sat on the bed, facing the desk, her wireless keyboard in front of her. She opened up the app and signed in. The left sign of the screen showed the scrolling chatroom, already active with people waiting for her show to begin. On the right side, the upper half showed her own image while the bottom half would show how much money her session had made, how much would be paid to her own account, which users had contributed, and the amounts. A series of tools were arrayed across the top of the screen.

Tara adjusted the position of her main webcam. She wanted a medium shot, showing her face and torso. Her other cam and the toys were laid out behind her, out of sight.

She glanced at Selwyn, still bitter and angry over his presence, then smiled as she started the session. “HI guys,” she typed. “Welcome to my quarantine.”

At least twenty of her regulars were online. She had worked hard to develop them. Personal e-mails, special pics, friending them on various social media had gained her some loyal fans. She had promised them that she’d be appearing regularly during the health crisis. So, this lockdown session was necessary, regardless of who else was in the room.

She chatted with them for a little. A few donations trickled in, a dollar here or there. It was the regulars’ way of just saying hi. The start of a session was always slow, but the personal connections were important. She had to make them feel personally welcome, and then build on that welcome. Guys liked to feel that they were seducing the girl, even as they paid her.

The first request came. Porn_addict267 said, “Show your tits.”

Tara smiled. “You know the rules,” she responded.

“I don’t,” typed a new visitor.

“Greetings, AlabamaPussyPounder. Cool handle. For every $30 in tips, I take off a garment. As long as the tips keep coming, they stay off. If the tips stop, the clothes go back on” Tara glanced at the tip counter, which was at $18.

“What if I want to watch you do things?” AlabamaPussyPounder asked.

“The things I like to do require some nudity,” Tara replied. “Get my clothes off first, then we’ll see about other things.”

The tip counter jumped to $23, then $25, then $30. Tara clapped her hands. “Everybody thank Cunt95King for this.” She pulled off the t-shirt. She blushed a little because of Selwyn’s presence. She had been seen naked by thousands of men, but very few of them had been in the room with her at the time. She still had her panties and bra on, but it was still more undressed than she had expected to be in this house.

“Stroke your tits,” D1ck4U typed.

“I can see who tips,” Tara told him. “Only tippers get to make requests.”

Psybercock showed up on the screen with $45. Tara grinned at the camera. “Hey, Psyber. You get to choose what I take off next. Or add another $15 and I go full nude.”

Selwyn had watched from under the desk as Tara tapped on the keyboard, took off the t-shirt, then tapped some more. Then the underwear came off and she sat there naked, chatting with nerds from around the world. She laughed and flirted and blew kisses.

As he had no way of seeing what was on the screen, he had no idea what she was reacting to. She was almost silent as the posed and teased and stripped. Realizing this, Tara took pity on him. She knew the effect she must be having on him. If this hobby had taught her anything, it was the effect of a nude female body on a man. And to her own surprise, she was almost enjoying having a live audience for a change.

“Get your laptop,” she told him. It was one of the things she’d moved off the desk to make room for her own equipment. He pulled it off the chair and opened it up.

“Go to KittyKatKams and make a profile,” she instructed. Her viewers couldn’t hear her. They could see her tits and pussy, but her conversation was entirely private.

Selwyn did as she ordered. He chose a name, and entered a credit card, then started browsing the girls available.

“I’m under Dorm_Whore,” she told him. “You might want to hurry. The show is about to get good.” Selwyn hurried.

Tara saw the handle ‘SellWineUnderDesk’ pop up on her screen. “Cute,” she said.

“Everybody give a welcome to SellWine,” Tara typed. “He’s a personal friend of mine. I hope you all won’t mind if I give him a treat.”

She activated her tiny handheld camera and gave her viewers, and Selwyn, a video tour of her body, aiming the little lens at her nipples, then her pussy, shaved bare for the benefit of her fans.

Switching back to the main camera, she told her viewers to “Thank SellWine for being such a good sport. I had to take over his bedroom for today’s show.”

Selwyn was bombarded with enthusiastic ‘thank-you’s, to which he didn’t know how to respond. He just typed in a “You’re welcome,” and hoped that was sufficient.

Tara did her usual toy show, sliding a vibrator inside herself, while Selwyn watched in amazement. She had an extra-special vibrator with its own camera mounted on the blunt tip, allowing her fans to penetrate her visually as she pushed the toy into her pussy. It required a $100 donation, or donations totaling $100, but she regularly got these.

Then things got more interesting. Pu$$y$niffer said, “Hey, if there’s a guy in the room with you, maybe you can do things with him.”

Tara had hoped that nobody would think of that. It had been foolish to mention that she was in Selwyn’s bedroom. She had promised her viewers months ago that if she ever had an available male, she would consider making him part of the show. It was an easy promise to make, but she’d never planned on following through. She had not figured on ever actually telling any man that she had this sideline.

But a promise was a promise. Webcam girls had to work hard to keep themselves popular. Letting her guys believe she’d bring a man in and then letting them down was not a good idea.

“Hey, Selwyn,” she began, “You interested in cheating on your girlfriend ?” Hopefully, phrasing it that way would make him decline.

“As it happens, yes,” he said. “She cheated on me during the Christmas holiday a year ago. When I agreed to give her another chance, she told me that I had a free pass to be with another girl. I haven’t been really looking for an opportunity, but she keeps reminding me that I still have that option.”

That sounded like Andrea. Tara scowled, then smiled quickly for the camera, remembering that her fans were watching. She might have to go through with this. But she wasn’t going to start a war with her roommate. “Call her,” she told Selwyn. “Put it on speaker.”

Psybercock had made a kinky request and had put $45 dollars on her board to pay for it, but several of her regulars were now clamoring for more than a solo show. “Negotiating,” Tara told them honestly. “Maybe we’ll all get what we need.”

“Hello?” Andrea answered.

“Hey, babe,” Selwyn said. “I have some unfortunate news. Tara brought my laptop here, but now my grandfather has tested positive and we’re all locked down together.”

“Tara’s there? Stuck there?”

“Hey, Andrea,” Tara called out, while wadding up her panties and pushing them into her pussy as Psybercock had requested. “Remember what I told you about how I make money?”

“Oh, my God!” Andrea called out. “What are you going to do? That house is too small.”

“You’re right. It is too small. And your boyfriend and I are locked down in his bedroom to protect his grandparents.”

“So you can’t do your thing. Do you have any money saved up?”

Tara blew a kiss at her camera. “I am doing my thing. Right here, right now. I am naked on your boyfriend’s bed as we both speak to you on the phone.”

Andrea was silent as she considered that. From four states away, she finally said, “I see.”

“I have a favor to ask you,” Tara said.

“The answer is No,” Andrea told her.

“I have fans who want to see me get fucked on the cam.”

“I figured that’s what you meant. The answer is Hell No. You are not fucking my boyfriend. It’s bad enough he even knows about your cam show. I don’t want him watching, though I guess it’s too late for that. And I certainly don’t want him participating.”

“Andrea,” Selwyn said, “Remember last Christmas. Bobby Cielo?”

“You would bring that up,” she said. There was a long silent pause as she considered the matter. Eventually, she said, “Fine. You guys can fuck. And then we’re even.”

“Thank you,” Tara said. “Um…We’re going to be stuck here for two weeks. How far does your permission go? I’m going to get requests for follow-ups. How long was that Christmas break?”

“You should transfer to pre-law,” Andrea observed, amusement and annoyance both present in her voice. “I probably fucked Bobby about twelve times during that holiday.”

“Twelve times? You never told me that!” Selwyn accused. “I thought it was just once.”

“It wasn’t supposed to happen at all. But after the first time, it seemed ridiculous to tell Bobby I wouldn’t cheat on you. So, I figured that I would give him the holiday and then it would be over.”

“So, twelve times?” Tara suggested.

“No,” she said with a sigh. “I didn’t count until afterwards. And I’m really only guessing. Consider the quarantine your holiday. But I think Selwyn and I should get a share of the money you make.”

“Done. But this is my account and my fans, who I’ve worked hard to establish. So, Selwyn will get 30 percent of my profits for his guest appearances in my show.”

“Hey,” Selwyn broke in. “Don’t I get a say?”

“Do you want to fuck Tara?” Andrea asked him.

“Um…I don’t know if I should answer that.”

“That’s a Yes,” Andrea said. “You get to fuck her and get paid for it. And your girlfriend has given her blessing. You can choose not to do it, I guess. That’s your say in this. Take it or leave it. I’m out.”

She hung up, and the room was silent as Tara communicated with her viewers. But she smiled to see a new visitor pop up in her chatroom. Greeting the newcomer, she said, “Hi, TrueKunt. Good to see you here.”

To Selwyn, she said, “TrueKunt is Andrea. Your girlfriend wants to keep track of what we’re doing.”

“How do you know that? What is Andrea doing on a sex site like this? Is she a lesbian?”

“No,” Tara laughed. “But she’s one of the few people I told about this sideline. She wanted to check it out, so she signed on. Apart from me, she’s probably the only female on here.”

“That’s why she’s called ‘TrueKunt’?” Selwyn asked.

“Exactly. She possesses a genuine pussy. A true cunt.”

“How often does she come on here?”

“Very rarely, but sometimes,” Tara told him. “I think she likes to interact with the horny guys.”

“I don’t think I approve,” Selwyn said.

“Up to you,” she shrugged. “But you’re about get a lot more than those horny guys get.”

“Ok, boys,” Tara typed. “I have a guy here. An actual male. Penis and balls. I am ready and willing to play with him. Tell me what you want to see.”

“Blowjob,” Pu$$y$niffer said.

“I love giving blowjobs,” Tara told him, “Love it. But I barely know this guy. If you want me to suck this strange dick, I’m gonna need some incentive.”

On their separate screens, Tara, Selwyn, and Andrea watched the tips pouring in. When Tara was satisfied with the amount, she told Selwyn to stand up and move close.